Notes: Here it is, the latest part of Q-Tastrophe. We will have many things happen in the next several parts of the series. Our two new Rangers will defend the earth, whether they can do a good job of it is something else, Rogue Squadron will be reborn, and we will see something MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Power Rangers belong to Saban. Q concept belongs to Paramount. Transformers belong to Hasbro. Rogue Squadron belongs to George Lucas. Ravage Starkiller is my creation, so feel free to use him if you e-mail me first.

By Adam Safran

"Ayiyi, where are we?" the little robot asked. Ever since the Rangers abduction, Ravage had taken control of the Megaship and was taking them to an unknown location. Finally they had arrived, with Ravage ignoring Alpha, and becoming more annoyed by the minute with his constant pestering.

Finally Ravage exploded. "ALL RIGHT, SHUT UP ALREADY!" Alpha was stunned into silence. "Thats much better. Where we are going is a staging area for Rogue Squadron. In case the universe was ever overrun by the forces of evil, we had several fall back areas to form the backbone of a resistance organization. They were full of all kinds of equipment we might need, from weapons, to rations. We also packed enough spare fighters to equip the squadron for a period of time. No one anticipated our being wiped out, however. No one outside of the squadron knew of its existance, and we were mind-conditioned to not give up the information under spell or torture. Once we can get a team together, it'll be the perfect place for a base." A console beeped.

"Approaching designated coordinates," DECA announced.

"Ah, good," Ravage said smiling. Then the communications console started wailing.

Alpha toddled over to the console and had a look at the incoming message. "Oh my bolts and gaskets, the Earth is under attack! We have to help them." Ravage placed his hand on Alpha's shoulder, restraining the bot.

"No, we won't go to help them," he said resignedly.

"WHAT?!?!??!" Alpha screeched in return, his audio controls overloading.

"Exactly what I said, we can't go. This craft is barely fit for flight, much less a fight. We barely made it here in one piece, at hyperrush 2. It would take us days to arrive, and even if we could we'd be overwhelmed. The enemy is only sending in ground forces, and we're useless against ground forces. We'll stay here, and prepare to set up a resistance, organizing the various Ranger teams, for the upcoming battles. Earth will have to defend itself or fall." He said, with the look of a man who had given the order that would condemn his dearest friend to death.

Eugene and Farkus were hanging around at the refurbished Juice Bar. Ernie had returned from his trip to the Amazon, and with it had bought the bar back from Lt. Stone. They had returned there just like it was old times, except all of the local teens that used to hang there were long gone. Several of them had died under mysterious circumstances, and two old friends had drunk their cherry smoothies in honor of the "geeks." Then they heard a sound that Angel Grove had not experienced in several years, but that practically all Angel Grovites were familiar with. Explosions, screams, and crying. And over it all, the wail of the monster alert sirens. Only now there was one thing different, the Rangers who had protected Angel Grove for years were gone, and no one had replaced them, at least no one that anyone knew about.

"M-m-m-m-monsters," Eugene "Skull" Skullovich stuttered. "We've got to get out of here!"

"No you nimrod, we don't have to run. Now we can finally fight back! And I'm tired of running!" Farkus "Bulk" Bulkemier responded.

"Whatever you say Bulkie," Skull responded. They rushed into one of the abandoned bathrooms, and both started a change unlike anything Angel Grove had ever seen.

"ITS MORPHIN TIME," they both yelled as one.

"BURGERSAURUS!" and with that Bulk was covered by a mishmash of colored spandex, with a cape and an oddly shaped helmet that looked like a burger on his head. On his chest was a drawing of a hamburger.

"DOGASAURUS!" and Skull was covered with a mishmash of brightly colored spandex, a helmet shaped like a dog head, and on his chest was a picture of a drooling dog.

Then they raced out together to meet the alien threat. They met it a short distance from the Youth Center. It was a collection of assorted monsters and henchmen/soldiers. They were lead by Goldar. He sneered, "Well, look what the cat dragged in. Aren't you two absolutely the most pathetic beings I've seen in my entire life. Wahahahahahahahahah!" And with that all of the assembled monsters broke into laughter.

Bulk was livid. "Why you little WAUGH!" as he was advancing forward he tripped on a brick, sending it flying into the air, where it richocheyed into the air, off several buildings, and as the monsters followed it with their eyes, it went flying off a final building, to hit Goldar right between the eyes. With a small moan he collapsed to the ground, unconscious. This stopped the monsters flat from laughing. Then they began to charge our two intrepid and inept heroes.

Skull whipped out a piano and began playing "Stayin Alive," and the monsters, to their own confusion, began dancing to it. Then he switched to "Kung Fu Fighting," and the monsters all began hitting eachother. This was to much for the General, and all of the monsters were teleported away.

Evil Q was in a horrid mood. His attack on earth had not gone as planned, and Q had countered his move with a uncharacteristically brillant one. There had been no Rangers left on Earth that could've received powers, and an inexperienced team of Rangers would've soon been overwhelmed. So he picked up some of the most powerful Ranger powers in existance and gave them to two humans who seemed to fit them perfectly.

One of his generals came up to him, the one in charge of the attack on Earth. "What were those Rangers, and how did they defeat our assault force? I have never seen a combat style quite like theirs."

Evil Q turned to his general, and responded grimly, "Those were the Ranger powers of Bluundarus IV. The people who lived there were extremely powerful, and practically immortal. They were a race of jokesters. They loved humor of any kind and studied it with a passion." He saw the look of dawning comprehension and horror on his general's face and continued. "The Rangers on Bluundarus had the abilities to warp the laws of physics and probability, as long as it would be funny to the users of the power. The sillier the person wielding the power is, the more powerful the powers make them. Wiping them out was a goal for the assembled armies of evil for over a millenia. Finally they were defeated, but not after horrendous losses for the UAE. They did not dare even to take their powers, for fear of what they would do. So they sent them to a limbo where they could never be recovered. However, never has no meaning to a Q. He has come up with the one power capable of defeating us, or at least stalling our advances on a galactic level."

The general looked ashen. "You mean he's recreated…"

"Yes," Evil Q responded, "he's recreated the Blunder Rangers."